Below is general information about SolarBee and GridBee mixers for wastewater applications. In the left menu are links to specific information on various types of systems.

SolarBee SB Series Solar Mixers

SolarBee SB Series

Solar Powered Mixers

GridBee GF Series Electric Mixers

GridBee GF Series

Electric Powered Mixers

GridBee AP Series Air-Powered Mixers

GridBee AP Series

Air-Powered Mixers

Energy-savings and water quality improvement opportunities with SolarBee and GridBee mixers: The aeration system at the wastewater plant is often the largest energy consumer in the city. In the past, the answer for every problem seemed to be to increase horsepower and add more aeration. When you analyze aeration, typically only 20% to 50% of the energy consumed is needed for production of DO, for the BOD and nitrification bacteria. The remaining energy is used for the mixing effect, to get the DO to the bacteria that need it.

Each GridBee or SolarBee mixer can typically displace up to 30-50 horsepower of surface aerator mixing (run-time). With the SB or GF performing the mixing, the aeration system can be dialed back to just provide the needed dissolved oxygen (DO). In most energy saving projects our equipment has a one- to three-year payback. With electric rates near $0.10 per kwh, savings can approach $750,000 per mixer over 25 years. More information is available in the white papers in the left column menu.

Six intake designs for various wastewater applications (Select an image to enlarge)

Full-depth mixing in a total-mix reactor basin Partial-depth mixing, large machine, partial-mix or facultative basin Dual-mix system for partial-mix or facultative basins Partial-depth mixing, small machine, with j-hook intake Odor-capping intake, large machine, for anaerobic ponds Odor-capping intake, small machine, for anaerobic ponds

GridBee and SolarBee mixers take advantage of the way water forms thin horizontal layers in all reservoirs. Utilizing solar power or low-energy 50-watt electric power, they pull in water at the desired depth from all corners of the basin, and provide efficient mixing that distributes DO evenly throughout the mixed depth.

As you go through the rest of our wastewater site, you will find good information on using GridBee and SolarBee mixers for BOD and TSS reduction, nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) reduction, in-basin sludge digestion to avoid dredging, and odor control in addition to energy savings.

SolarBee in Wastewater Pond

All of our wastewater equipment offers these standard features:

  • Complete range of sizes that fit virtually every wastewater basin or pond, regardless of the application; this greatly reduces the number of machines required and the project initial cost.
  • No infrastructure requirements beyond any basic wiring; all equipment is portable, transportable, and easily relocated to another location if ever desired
  • Factory delivery and installation;  service plans are also available
  • Available on a "try-before-you-buy" pilot or rental basis, 95% of pilots convert to a purchase
  • SCADA outputs are available, and various other options
  • Long parts and labor warranty, from two years to 25 years depending on the machine model and component.
  • For private companies purchasing solar powered mixers, there are extensive tax benefits that greatly reduce the cost of the equipment.

SolarBee SB Series solar mixers: SB Series mixers are designed to operate 24 hours per day on solar power, utilizing digital logic for power management, auto-reverse and anti-jam features. These mixers are most typically used where power is not available or when the ponds are large in size.

GridBee GF Series electric mixers: GF Series mixers are the same machines as the SB mixers without the solar equipment; they are designed to operate 24 hours per day on 120v electric power. These mixers cost less and are typically used where power is readily available or when the ponds are smaller in size.

GridBee AP Series Air-Powered Mixers:  AP Series mixers combine patented circulation technology with a clog-free air-powered pump. They have no moving parts in the water and no electricity in the water.  Learn more

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